This year, we're putting robocallers on the naughty list.

Listen as our SantaBots bring Christmas cheer to robocallers far and near.

Bonus! Episode #26 - SallyBot sure does have a lot of New Year's resolutions.

Length: 3m 56s

I wonder how many of these resolutions she'll be able to keep. Oh wait - None! She's a chatbot!

Episode #25 - "This administration is sooooo naughty..."

Length: 7m 11s

Good try, robocaller but I don't think Tipsy the Elf is going to donate.

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Episode #24 - "You're not having trouble with the noise...You're gonna have trouble with me"

Length: 2m 30s

Talking to Santabot is fun...until it isn't.

Episode #23 - I'm pretty sure the US Government doesn't use language like this.

Length: 2m 36s

I love how you can hear the robocaller getting ready to drop f-bombs. He clears his throat. He gets into position. He swings aaaaand...homerun!

Episode #22 - "I can play this game all day."

Length: 6m 29s

Spoiler alert: we played longer.

Episode #21 - Better make sure to get your chimney cleaned before Santa comes down.

Length: 1m 05s

Santa hates dirty chimneys. Luckily, this robocaller has the solution.

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Episode #20 - Wait until you hear how naughty this robocaller is.

Length: 0m 55s

Don't worry, it's safe for little ears. No ear muffs required.

Episode #19 - A robocaller tries to sell SantaBot male enhancement pills and stimulants for the elves.

Length: 3m 13s

In the North Pole, they call that a "stocking stuffer."

Episode #18 - This robocaller *really* wants to find John.

Length: 1m 32s

Too bad he gave up so quickly. Maybe SallyBot did know John. Nahhh....

Episode #17 - Juan robocaller explains how to talk to kids about Santa

Length: 3m 37s

Wait, Santa's not real?

Episode #16 - Robocaller tries for 12 whole minutes to sell SallyBot an A/C tune-up.

Length: 12min 01s

Selling air conditioning services in winter seems like a tough sell. Especially when you're talking to a chatbot.

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Episode #15 - Debt collector talks to SantaBot for over 30+ mins. Epic.

Length: 31m 25s

Santa ran up a $6k bill at the home center last November. Building toys is expensive, you ungrateful children.

Episode #14 - "Don't waste my time, a-hole"

Length: 0m 55s

That's no way to talk to Santa, Mary. NAUGHTY LIST!

Episode #13 - SantaBot gets the robocaller to sing Jingle Bells

Length: 5m 22s

(Sung to the tune of Jingle Bells)
Ring-a-ling, ring-a-ling, robocalls again!
It's no fun when strangers call to sell you anything. Hey!
Ring-a-ling, ring-a-ling, I know what to do!
SantaBots will waste their time - Ho Ho Ho, screw you!

Episode #12 - Santa lives in Pittsburgh?

Length: 1min 40s

It's a good thing that this robocaller is offering home renovations. You should see the workshop on Dec 26.

Episode #11 - "Santa? The man with the long beard?"

Length: 1m 4s

"Windows" scammers are the worst. At least we kept him busy for a bit so he couldn't rip off anyone else.

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Episode #10 - "They'll kill me If I start singin' Jingle Bells..."

Length: 1m 44s

Marsha sounds like she used to work at a diner off the New Jersey turnpike. Maybe we can use the vacation package together. She'd be a hoot.

Episode #9 - The most zen robocaller on the planet

Length: 6m 32s

Nothing seems to faze this guy. He really wants to help moving companies get more leads.

Episode #8 - "Is this a machine talking to me or an actual person?"

Length: 3min 43s

I'm sorry to break it to you, robocaller - SallyBot is *not* an actual person.

Episode #7 - "Have you been naughty or nice? A little bit of both...hehehe"

Length: 2min 6s

At least this robocaller is honest - he has been naughty trying to fool people with Medicare scams.

Episode #6 - "You made a whole voicemail just for this?"

Length: 2m 6s

Yes. Yes we did.

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Episode #5 - The warranty on Santa's sleigh has expired

Length: 3m 4s

How many miles are on Santa's vehicle? Let's's 25,000 miles around the Earth...he's been doing it for about 1,700 years...carry the 6...and...a lot. There are A LOT of miles are on the sleigh.

Episode #4 - "That would be a great Christmas present for your husband - solar panels!"

Length: 4m 28s

SallyBot is busy getting the house ready for Christmas. She's not really interested in going solar.

Episode #3 - Everyone in Canada is so nice. Even the telemarketers, eh!

Length: 5m 29s

This is easily the nicest telemarketer in the world. Even though she doesn't make the sale, she thinks SantaBot is very clever.

Episode #2 - "You're taking away my stress..."

Length: 8m 33s

SantaBot wants to pay off his credit card debt with coal and toys.

Episode #1 - "I believe this call is going nowhere..."

Length: 4m 1s

Tom really wants to speak about a personal business matter but instead is stuck talking to SantaBot.

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